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There were women whose lives raised a great challenge to us in the past and you cannot talk about them without feeling warm inside of you.

Among such women are:

Hannah (Prayer Warrior)

Hannah was a woman laboring in dry desert and unfruitful ground. She had no child and her spirit was continuously under oppression because of the problem that surrounded her. The road of barrenness is a very hard and rough one to go through. We need to pray continually for those passing through It.

All women have their different deserts; statics show that women have more problems than the men. If it is not spiritual, it could be physical, social, psychological or financial. Hence, Native Doctors have had great feed on their limitations and in our present day, many false prophets and prophetess are feeding fat on their limitations.

Hannah had her limitations like every other woman in the town but she faced her limitation with passionate, fervent and prevailing prayers. She turned her problems to God and she prevailed. I encourage you not to give up. Hannah had her miracle. Yours is on the way if you don’t give up. The Lord will help you in Jesus name. Amen

SARAH (The humble woman)

Sarah is an example of a submissive woman. The bible has this to say of her life testimony: “wives in the same way become submissive to your husbands…” – 1 Peter 3: 1-6

Sarah was not rude, proud, hot tempered and disrespectful. She was not extravagant in spending. She managed Abraham’s home well. She was his source of encouragement. She was not looking for outwardness; make-ups, buying of gold rings/chains, ear-rings and so on. She did not drag the husband by the trousers and “…say you must do this..”. She was calm and gentle in Spirit. Dressing is not the woman – “all that glitters is not gold”. The woman is her attitude and personality.

She was so simple that the bible says she called her husband “Lord”. This name reflects her submissiveness to her husband.

Ruth (Patience and Persistent woman)

The life of Ruth teaches every woman persistence and patience. After she lost her husband, she was still determined to follow and stay with her mother-in-law, who persuaded her to return to her people. Ruth said “where you go I will go; where you dwell I will dwell; your people shall be my people and your God shall be my God”. Ruth 1:16

This is the kind of resolution a Christian woman filled with the spirit should have in order to walk with God. And God who is unfailing and knows the future will always bring us to an enviable end just as He did for Ruth. May you be determined to fulfill your destiny in Jesus name. Amen.

Esther (Woman of great fasting)

Easter is a woman who believed in fasting as means of solving daily life problems. “this type (problem or mountains) goeth not forth except by fasting and prayer”. When the challenge came upon Esther that all the Jews be extra determined, resorting to court action as some will do today. She simply said “go and gather all the Jews in Shushan for 3 days dry fasting” Esther 4:16

A Christian spirit filled woman seeks God’s intervention through spiritual weapons. The bible says “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of stronghold” (1 Cor. 10:4) for we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

I throw this challenge to all Christian women to learn the secret of victory. It is not fighting, hating, malice and quarreling. The decree of the king to destroy all Jews was reversed over night and Herman the enemy of Modecai and his people was hanged. May every decree of the enemy against you and family be reversed in Jesus name. Amen

Deborah – Woman of great courage

Deborah was a courageous woman. Courage is the ability to stand the test of faith. Woman of courage are rear to be found but Deborah stood out and proved her courage – Judges 4:1-23

Deborah encouraged the Army General of the kingdom of Israel to go to battle against the king of the Canaanites he picked strength to face Sisera who had nine hundred iron chariots.

Women are usually seen as week, fable and not able to face hard issues. It is not always so. Deborah has proved it otherwise. The reason for her great success is because she listens to God and allows God to speak to her. Women of God may we have a listening ear to hear from God. May the Lord help us in Jesus name. Amen.

Pastor (Mrs.) Mercy T. Iwo

Associate Pastor, G.C.M